Saturday, March 17, 2007

Taking My Heart to Higher Ground

Self-preservation is doing for yourself what you'd gladly do for others. So often we take on way too much or face consequences that don't line up with universal peace and harmony. Stress, anxiety, fear…we all have it in our life and it's silly to think that there are others out there who don't. It helps to surround yourself with support, read inspiring books, turn off the tv, go out in nature, be silent, pray, sleep and then go on. Wake up each morning and say, "Thank You for this day ~ don't let me take a minute of it for granted."

This past week I've felt like I had a chance to re-charge my battery. It seems I have an internal energy source that needs to be plugged into the mountains in New Mexico.

It all started many moons ago when I went to Santa Fe for 6 weeks for an art workshop that included a studio on Canyon Road to work in. To this day, some of the work I did back then still creeps into my consciousness and inspires me.

So whenever I feel overwhelmed, I book the 2 hour flight to Albuquerque and I'm there… back to the place that inspires me and helps me regain my energy. I read that these mountains were formed 60 million years ago when the land mass collided with a Pacific Ocean plate and the land buckled. Think of the power and energy of the universe causing such a phenomenon and stand among the landscape to feel this same power that created me and you and it becomes like a spark that can ignite and burn away all doubts and make fears and worries insignificant.

"When I stand alone with the earth and sky a feeling of something in me going off in every direction into the unknown of infinity means more to me than any thing any organized religion gives me." ~Georgia O'Keeffe

So now you know what it takes for me to burn off negativity so I can face each tomorrow. Next, I will share some inspiring photographs.

May God's blessings be upon you.
May God's peace abide with you,
May God's presence illuminate your heart,
Now and forever more.

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