Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Travel Journal - Burano

laundry_lady, originally uploaded by e14studio.

About 7 miles from Venice one of the many (over a hundred) islands is Burano. There were spectacular distant mountain scenes to enjoy on the boat ride from Venice as we anticipated our visit which our guide, Paola, said we shouldn't pass up. Since we were going to Murano, another island nearby, which is popular for hand crafted glass, we added Burano to our itinery. If we hadn't, I would have missed the time I spent sitting on the park bench watching this spunky lady as she hung her laundry out for drying. As most tourists visit shops and buy postcards, I enjoyed a quiet spell sharing time with this fine Italian woman as she went about her daily chore. I didn't get to talk with her so we remain strangers, but I felt like I knew her well enough to call her "Grandma" and tell her I hope to see her again next time I visit Italy.


bird's eye view said...

Beautiful photograph. The light and color really say "cold yet early spring." What character she has!

It'll be fun to get back from my vacation and see what all has gone up in the meantime! :-)

The Crafty-Girl™ said...

wonderful capture of "real" life...