Sunday, March 05, 2006

Journal Entry #18

wardrobe, originally uploaded by e14studio.

We leave for northern Italy on Friday! The "chef" thinks it's a hoot how I "diagram" my wardrobe for the trip. How else will I be able to pack just what I think I need without over-doing it? All this must fit in my backpack and a small suitcase.
As far as art stuff, I began prepping pages in a 10 x 8 Cachet studio blank book which will be my travel journal. So far I have a few pages with color backgrounds and our itinerary sectioned off for each of the 8 days we'll be gone. Can't wait to fill it up!!!

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bird's eye view said...

Have a safe trip!

*I* think your wardrobe sketching is totally sensible! :-)

Don't forget your gluestick for all the cool sugar packets and candy wrappers! :-0