Monday, May 23, 2005

A Day of Drawing

a, originally uploaded by e14studio.

In and of themselves, these drawings aren't that great but I wanted to do a day of drawing and committed myself to it. I started out with a cup of coffee and sharpened my pencils using my "antique" sharpener that works better than any plug in kind or battery operated kind I ever tried.


Anonymous said...

these are terrific drawings
i love the cup so 3-D
and the laundry liquid so realistic

edm group

Shelly McC said...

These drawings are great. Thanks for letting us see. I esp. love the ones of your dogs and the stuffed toys. Gorgeous stuff.

Anonymous said...

I think they're great! And those dogs below are very cool. Very lifelike!

deboraht said...

Great contour drawings!

fertilepress said...

ooooh! good for you. i've been thinking about pulling out my sketch books and getting back to drawing. soon...soon. r.