Thursday, May 12, 2005

16 years of stuff

I am procrastinating when I should be busy. I am supposed to be moving stuff from an office I've kept since 1988. I am a college professor in the advertising art department of a community college. I have been going through shelves of books that have reference material dating back to the time we used production boards. Does anyone even know what an "amberlyth overlay" is? I have kept student projects dating back to the time before Photoshop and scanners when all we had was a paint program on a PC that had just 56 colors. I have disks the size of pizza boxes. (I'm not kidding!) And, I have manuals all the way back to Adobe 88 before it became "Illustrator CS". I even have the "world's ugliest menu" taken from my own portfolio to show how NOT to design a menu. I have Mac parts and cables lying all around as we tossed aside the old machines, we've brought in the newer and sleeker models. I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet. I should just back a dumpster up to the fire escape door and toss it all. I'm not kidding! Part of me wants to just throw it all out and start fresh. No baggage.

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Wally said...

Amberlith, Rubylith, Presstype, Letraset, hand waxers, they're all museum pieces now, but once they were take-for-granted parts of our everyday lives. Working like that seems incredibly hard now, but back then it was just what we did.