Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Re-occuring Image

original, originally uploaded by e14studio.

A long time ago, I drew a drawing that showed a source of light (energy) casting down rays onto a surface or plane. And within that plane, there was the shape of the human figure cut out so that the rays of light could form a beam to the earth. There was the same exact shape of the human formed by the light where the beam of light hit the earth . OK, so there you have it in descriptive words. Over time, I have drawn and re-drawn that composition over and over and over again. I have used various media and I have even given some of these drawings away. Truth be told, I can't stop drawing them. I think they explain the notion of the human condition but what the bleep do I know!


Janey said...

Hey, I read your comment on EDM and I like your blog and your bright colors.

Robyn said...

OK ... so your advertising on EDM has born fruit! and I am very glad that I called in as your painting is quite beautiful. It has a sort of Australian aboriginal feel to it, so, being an Australian, it holds appeal.

Scratches & Scribbles

Sharon said...

Thanks for stopping in those of you from EDM...and, those of you who wandered here otherwise. I guess that post was shameless!

Maggie said...

How strange you put that up just now! Yesterday I coloured in another page from The Return of Spring collaborative colouring book that Jessica Poundstone put together. I seem to have a slightly similar sun to yours. Will post a picture later today, I'm waiting for it to be light enough to take a photo. While colouring in isn't strictly speaking drawing, I'm finding it good for those days I don't have the energy to draw from scratch.

Joanna said...

I like this piece (and the other one that is similar) a lot. It reminds me of the famous medieval woodcut of the man who is sticking his head through the arc of the firmament to see the celestial bodies on the other side -- do you know the one I mean? It has that same feel of being both in the physical world and the "otherworld" at the same time. And a sense of reverence and awe.

Sharon said...

Tnaks to Joanna for telling me about "arc of the firmament". If anyone can link me up to the woodcut she mentions, I'd appreciate that.

Sharon said...

I meant THANKS!!!!

TheNightOwl said...

Saw your comments on a post about the "Assemblage Point." "Re-occuring Image" reminds me of a few experiences. Easy to understand why you would feel inspired to paint it. Imagined, as well, that you might find the following quote interesting:

“Each individual human consciousness is simply a zero-point of awareness (at the source and center of its triune Monad) reflecting directly from, and entangled with the initial zero-point of initial Cosmic my ABC theory, ... we start from the dimensionless zero-point and its abstract motion or “spinergy,” and trace its essentially spherical expansion in a completely logical progression, through the transcendental hyperspace dimensions, as they fractally involve down and, after breaking their symmetry, finally evolve to the 4-D space (3 metric dimensions plus time) we experience..." ~~Leon Maurer

Found that on a page called

Thank you for sharing your artwork.