Saturday, March 19, 2005


alamo, originally uploaded by e14studio.

Look carefully at my photo and you will see the purple light to the left of the center window and door. Yea sure, it's lens glare, but how come I only get it on pictures I take at the cemetery and this shot I took of the Alamo? I say it's spirit energy and you can't convince me otherwise!

I can't describe in words how it feels to visit the hallowed ground of the Alamo. So I'll quote here from Phil Cousineau's book The Art Of Pilgrimage: "You don't have to travel to Jerusalem, Mecca or Santiago de Campostela, or any other explicitly holy site to be a pilgrim. If you travel with reverence and wonder, with a lively sense of the potential and preciousness of every moment and every encounter, then wherever you go, you walk the pilgrim's path."

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